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Be so Happy

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Be So Happy!


1.Sing a Song of Joy

2.Brushy, Brushy

3.Two Ducks and a Frog

4.Helping Hands

5.Baby Brother

6.Do It Now

7.God Made All the Animals

8.Quacky the Duck

9.I'd Like to Be Invisible


11.Magic of Love

12.My Mommy Is Having a Baby




14.Where Would We Be?

15.Try Again


17.Happy Helper

18.If You Give Love

19.Keep Clean

20.Don't Give Up

21.Baby Will Need Me

22.Little Things

23.It Comes Back to You

24.Have a Good Laugh at Yourself

25.We're Happy


Durata  56:30 min.


Album disponibil numai cu felicitările pentru copii modelul 3 şi modelul 5.